Phnom Penh: ZHENGHAINA INDUSTRY CO., LTD. From China Cambodia Sanitary and Investment Investment Company is studying environment and garbage and will start investing in Battambang province on garbage collection and recycling. Turn trash from electricity.

This project was studied by Mr. Mam Dareth, representative of ZHENGHAINA INDUSTRY CO, LTD. Announces the handover of KV 19 anti-malarial equipment and equipment to HE Dr. Sok Phal, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Interior.

According to Mam Dareth, ZHENGHAINA INDUSTRY conducted a study in 12 cities in Battambang province on people's understanding of Urban litter and recycling of this litter.
China's ZHENGHAINA INDUSTRY CO, LTD, which invests in sanitation and environment, is in the process of investing in Cambodia with Initial investment of $ 40 million of the total $ 400 million.

There is a company in Battambang now, but this company is not a recycling company, it is a company that collects garbage. At the landfill, it also set fire to smoke, which blew into the city and caused residents' criticism. .
Please note that this project has been sponsored by ZHENGHAINA INDUSTRY CO, LTD. Meet the Governor of Battambang already in 2019 with the support of this study.