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Below we will show you where the most common viruses are. What?

1- The door handles are a great place to carry germs because everyone is touching the door handle. If the door handle is touched by an infected person, your contact can pass through you. Therefore, you should wash your hands after touching the door handle to prevent germs from entering your body.

Under the floor or under the floor, where germs can be infected. Especially when you walk without shoes, you could be infected with a new virus if the area ever had a person Loads of cross-virus. Therefore, you should not remove your walking shoes.

The toilet is also a place for you to become infected if you use it. Therefore, you should be careful about using public toilets so that you do not become infected.

4-bowls, spoons, glassware, and other items are also easy to carry. Therefore, you should be careful to use it before killing the virus before you can get rid of it. From: Health.com.kh) ៕ (Edited by: Bopha)