Phnom Penh: Deputy Governor of Battambang Province Former head of the State Land Management Commission in Kralanh district was arrested by ACU and sent to Phnom Penh in the afternoon July 1, 2020. The arrest of the deputy provincial governor is linked to the arrest of Oknha Sakorn two days ago.

According to Senior Minister Om Yentieng, the head of the Anti-Corruption Unit told local media on the evening of July 1, 2020: Su Arafat) was the chairman of the provincial committee to resolve land disputes in Kulul district. This is the same case with Oknha Sakuntan, who the ACU has arrested recently, ”he said.

For the tycoon and a prominent figure in the Kralanh district, he was sent to court for questioning, The prosecutor postponed the inquiry because he had been sent to Calmette for a medical examination.

The removal of the governor of Kuala Lumpur and the arrest of Oknha Seng Thorn, plus the continued arrest of the deputy governor, are all related to land issues Some citizens have already been tried by the court. Sometimes sin only results, long and soon, and then no more.

It should be clarified that on June 27, 2020, the Anti-Corruption Unit has brought Oknha into questioning corruption cases Kratie District, Battambang Province.

According to the Senior Minister of Anti-Corruption Unit, the arrests followed the complaints of the people, while the tycoon owns about 5 plots of land. Thousands of hectares, which is equal to one quarter of the total land area of ​​Kuala Lumpur.

On 27 June 2020, the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia also issued a sub-decree terminating Mao Sokhan from the governor of the Kingdom of Cambodia. The Board of Governors of Kuala Kla District, Battambang Province.
By: Kolab