The World Bank's CEO has approved credit loans International Development Association (IDA) US $ 20 Million for Emergency Response to Kov-19 in Cambodia First of all, in the operating budget package for emergency assistance through a quick service mechanism during the spread of Kov-19.

According to a press release on April 2, 2020, the World Bank's managing director, Ms. Ingundo Praja, said: : “Financing through this rapid service mechanism will assist Cambodia in responding to unprecedented global health emergencies. Before and spicy This grant is for Cambodia to use to procure the necessary supplies and equipment for diagnostic and treatment services. Kov-19, reduces the spread of the virus, enhances the ability to respond to the virus, and helps patients Quick recovery and economy Re-use. "

This project will help Cambodia achieve the goals set out in its Master Plan-19, including strengthening its activities. Prevention of disease, rapid detection of disease, preparedness and response to disease.

The project will finance the construction of an outpatient clinic and treat patients, and it will enhance diagnostic capabilities At the Referral Hospital's laboratories across 25 provinces. In addition, the project will also cover the cost of purchasing the necessary medical supplies for patients and preventing the spread. Of infection. Also, the project will also assist with the rapid deployment of the Ministry of Health's Emergency Response Team nationwide through hiring and training. Training of additional staff, strengthening the capacity of the Public Health Service's Emergency Operation Center, which facilitates work with response and response efforts. Responded to CAV-19 across the country and establish emergency service centers at the provincial level.

The World Health Organization (WHO) responds to the World Health Organization's World Health Organization (WHO-IWRM) emergency response to the long-standing development of the World Bank. Health, including the Health Equity and Quality Improvement Project (H-EQIP), which aims to increase the likelihood of the poorest state in Cambodia Quality health services. Last week, H-EQIP's $ 14 million budget was provided through the Emergency Response Reserve (CERC) component of the project. Used to purchase ambulances and medical equipment and to set up national laboratories for rapid response to the outbreak. W-19. The CERC component in the project allows for the diversion of funds from this part of the H-EQIP project to meet the need for an immediate emergency response. .

Response of World Bank Group-19:

In response to this situation, the World Bank is implementing a US $ 14 billion financial package through the Rapid Release Mechanism. Strengthen the response to the Kovud-19 pandemic in developing countries and help to accelerate economic recovery. . Immediate response measures include financial assistance, policy advice and technical assistance to countries to cope with the effects of the crisis. It affects the economy and health. The International Finance Corporation (IFC) is providing US $ 8 billion to help companies affected by the virus and to They can keep the job. The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) and the International Development Association (IDA) are rolling out a $ 6 billion package for the measure. Responding to health. Due to the wide scope of aid needs, the World Bank Group is poised to roll out a $ 160 billion financial package for the next 15 years. A month to protect the poor and vulnerable, support businesses and boost the economy in the near future. : Kolab