Phnom Penh: HE Sar Sokha, Secretary of State, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport April 9, 2020 sent a letter to workers urging workers to work in factories, companies, companies At work during the Lunar New Year period, especially the workers and parents who are living in the area In Phnom Penh Do not worry, do not worry about the measures of the authorities.

As a citizen, I would like to insist especially those who work in factories, enterprises and companies, please continue to work during New Year Which the government decided to suspend. However, the government will also reimburse the five-day holiday period when appropriate.

Your practice is a huge contribution to curbing the spread of the CAV 19 in villages, communities and entire countries. In particular, protecting our own lives protects our family because the virus is invisible. That doesn't mean discrimination is only a temporary measure and a protection for citizens' right to life.

He pointed out that in rich countries every day there are thousands of infections and deaths. That is because the situation of the people in the country is not reliable and they do not listen to the authorities. But our country, the people listen to the instructions and join the real authority More than 60,000 Cambodian workers from abroad are isolated Particularly 14 days. This is a spirit of obedience and participation.

So, I believe that you will continue this spirit, especially for the workers and the widows who are in business. In Phnom Penh, don't worry about the authorities' measures – stay in Phnom Penh and do business as usual. Sooner or later, the situation will improve if you obey. In addition, do not lose the temper of any individual. Please join us so that no country, like some countries, has a landslide or a landslide.