Vietnam on Sunday recorded a record 80 days without infecting the cholera 19 in the community. According to the National Committee for Disease Control and Prevention 19, up to 340 people have been recovered.

According to Vietnam News on July 5, 2020, the repatriation of 310 Vietnamese nationals left on Sunday in Malaysia.

Most of the passengers were children under 18, foreign students having problems with accommodation and closing schools, elderly, sick, pregnant women, tourists and business travelers or workers whose contract or visa had expired. And was stranded in Malaysia due to the virus.

The flight was organized in cooperation with the Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Vietnamese Embassy in Malaysia, the national carrier of Vietnam Airlines and other related agencies.

Preventive measures are taken during the flight. After landing at Cần Thơ airport, crew members and passengers checked their body temperature and were kept separate. Update: October