Another resident of Siem Reap, Lor Thea was rewarded with great beer from Cambodia Beer on January 27, when he dined with four or five of his relatives, alleviating his anxiety. Fade.

“I bought half a dozen Cambodian beers just to have a chat with the brothers. Drink 10 cans, I immediately see the number 50 and know that only $ 50, and when I made sure I was gone. My brothers ask, and I do not say a lot of kettlebells up, shouting "50 million."

He also stated that although he is a Cambodian beer buyer and supporter himself, the money is not taken alone. He will give some of it to his relatives because this is considered a fortune. The rest will be used to buy pigs and ducks to feed on the one hectare of free land he has already bought. Drink with responsibility!