Phnom Penh: The World Conservation Union for Wildlife and Endangered Species has expressed concern about the decline. The number of small cucumbers in Cambodia so far is about 800 in the world. There are a total of about 3,000.

The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) says the number of small otters has so far dropped dramatically. Due to a number of alarming threats, small otters are listed on the Red List. The IUCN is one of the most vulnerable species in the world.

Tan Setha, WCS technical adviser, said there were currently about 400 pairs of small cucumbers, or about 800. Most of the heads are in the Tonle Sap Lake in Prek Toal and a few in other parts of the province. Preah Vihear and Mondulkiri provinces. Various threats to this species are the collection of eggs and young cucumbers from Herds feed on the loss of habitat for nesting due to the felling of large trees. This animal likes to make nests, spawning, changing and losing wetlands. Catching fish, hunting from carnivores for food such as crows and natural disasters.

Mr. Tan Setha said that WCS has helped provide funds to the people to protect the eggs of small cucumbers. It's nest protection program has been in place since 1994. In the conservation area, there are park rangers for protection, if the area does not have rangers, people have to be hired to guard the nests Children. Small otters are listed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries as a rare species in Cambodia. According to the law, the perpetrators will be fined from 100,000 to 1 million riel.