WIKITV is the first educational television channel in Cambodia that aims to promote educational programs using modern technologyDeveloped by POSCAR (Cambodia) Company with a license from Ministry of Information No.373P. July 19, 2019 and agreement on – Project on the production, production and use of educational content between the Information Technology Department of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport on March 20, 2020 .

To promote the education of students during the suspension of schools due to the spread of Covid-19 virus Cambodian Broadcasting Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of internet, TV, phone and service providers. Many more collaborated with WIKI TV in Ca Add WIKI TV to SINGMENG TV and Splus TV TVs with HD resolution Recover within 7 days unique in Kingdom of Cambodia. WIKI TV is available on SINGMENG TV Channel 119 and on mobile TV. Splus Hands, which students can download (Download) Mobile Apps on iOS and Android smartphones via this link : Http: // Or just type in Splus and search in the App Store and Play Store.

The curriculum will be broadcast daily with experienced teachers teaching lessons such as mathematics, physics Chemistry, biology, and Khmer literature are in line with the curriculum of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport. Watch daily video lessons by grade 9 There are 7 to 9 am class and grade 12 from 1 to 3 pm if students are not watching Replay from 4pm to 7pm for ninth graders and 7-10pm for grade 12 students .

WIKI TV, co-founder of WIKI TV, said that WIKI TV made it easy for students to study with famous lecturers anytime and anytime. Location. WIKI TV is the most convenient and innovative online learning platform in Cambodia.

"This is a great opportunity to experience a new type of digital learning."
Please note that the WIKI TV Online Tutorial will be broadcast live on SINGMENG TV and Splus from 26th March 2020 This is By: CEN