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The Chinese tradition, as well as the Vietnamese or Chinese-Vietnamese cutters, is very adamant about not stepping foot Before the due date, wait for one full year, from the beginning of the year to the end of the year, to celebrate the celebration To remove and remove the tray foot from the pot cans.

At least Chinese-Vietnamese cutters don't even want to remove the incense from the can, but even the spicy can To a great extent, only a small dust removal of ash.

When asked why wait until a day to pull off a one-year-old trophy Out of the can? This is rarely explained by Chinese, with most of them saying it is customary Follow the old-fashioned ways of doing things the same way, but if you step out of the can or remove the incinerator Afraid of not having a business or other catastrophe.

For this occasion, Heng Heng Hiang, the young heir to the throne, explained that Myanmar and Angels, the owners of the incense sticks Would not like anyone to touch his or her cans as a distraction to the peace of mind. Theirs or disrespect to them. If you touch a can of rubbish, which is a nuisance for Myanmar and the angels, their unhappy spirits may not be harmful Either good to the owner or not to protect and not to prosper.

However, he stressed that tradition is something that one should take care of, but safety is something that they do not. It should be neglected, for it is well known that the fire from the incinerator was not much less. San Sarin