Photograph: Hong Menea / Phnom Penh Post Japanese President Donald Trump has decided to postpone the Asean-US special summit scheduled for March 14 due to concerns over the disease 19 And the news made the ASEAN leaders frustrated and disappointed.

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"Since taking office at the beginning of 2017, this is the third time that Mr Trump has continuously frustrated ASEAN leaders over his decision," Kuia wrote on Facebook on the evening of February 29. Which the Asean leaders had imagined he could do.

One might ask, what is the benefit of unilateral delay?

Could be one of Trump's strategies to bully China and get the world to look at China as the "Covid-19" big thing that surrounds China at this time, namely the Chinese economy. Second, after three ASEAN leaders bargained with Trump: Mahathir Malaysia says no face to face, not like soaking. 2. Philippine refuses to go to the United States because he refused to grant a visa to America to his former police chief, who is now a senator. 3rd. Indonesian Foreign Minister Joachim Vashima said he had agreed with him to invite him to a state visit during the ASEAN-US Special Summits, avoiding any further arrangements that would require him to travel to the United States. In conclusion, due to the level of top Asean leaders, three countries did not attend the meeting, so it was disappointing to think about how angry the 10 ASEAN leaders were when he did not come to Bangkok. Last November.

What is ASEAN's view of Trump?

Although there has been no official reaction or no official statement from ASEAN yet, external opinions may have some bearing on Trump's behavior:

– Trump may think that Asean is not very important to him, but is a fun partner from time to time, like the man-in-law of a man in the Facebook era.

– Trump's lack of respect or disrespect for ASEAN leaders

Considering the benefits for Trump, there is nothing significant other than US interests and expected to be re-elected.

Estimates indicate that the United States benefits from visa fees not less than half a million dollars from delegates from the 10 Asean countries, including $ 160 already paid. Missing ៕