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You may have heard of many billionaires who spend all their lives, but they still Keep making extra money. Why don't they just retire and die with their billions of dollars in assets?
The following is a list of reasons why they do not want to retire:

1. Mark Cuban
The businessman, who came from a poor family, said business was a difficult sport and he was a leading contender One. He loves building a company that has a positive impact on society, helps shareholders and helps others compete in different fields Each other.

2. Mrs. Barbara Corcoran;
The founder of The Corcoran Group said she sold The Corcoran Group to spend time with her little boy, but she soon began to understand. Realize that a housewife is not the life she wants. She found that she had the ability to start another successful business, so she tried to start over again Also plan to retire.

3. Mike Peters
In addition to being Yomali's founder, Peter aims to help a billion people by giving them a way. To succeed in business. If money is something that motivates you, you either give up when you have a challenge or you give up When you have first success, he adds, "No amount of money can keep a person happy." Be happy only if you use it to help others.

4. Dennis Najjar
The co-founder of AccountingDepartment.com shared that he could not see himself walking away from the excitement of seeing his work No good effect on a person's business For the past 16 years, the league has continued to maintain close relationships with all clients, new and old.