The WHO warns that if the world continues to spread, it will still be infected

The WHO warns that if the world continues to spread, it will still be infected

Posted by Dap News Website On Monday, May 4, 2020

As the global epidemic continues to grow, the World Health Organization's representative in Cambodia, Li Ailan, says Cambodia is still at risk of contracting the disease. Not very careful.

At a press conference on "Update 19 on April 4, 2020, Li Ailan said that HIV infection 19 remains a complex public health problem both globally and in Cambodia, to date. Worldwide, there are now more than 3 million people infected with the infection, with over 20,000 deaths.

"We see that in some countries the world is in good shape and in some areas there is a decrease in the number of cases which is good news, but in some countries the outbreak is still happening," she said. It is the same message that I would like to convey to the public that the current state of the disease in the world 19 is far from over. Put to an end as long as other countries in the world still have trouble outbreak Costa, 19, the country still faces the same. "

So far, there is no World Health Organization (WHO)-approved vaccine or vaccine available in the world.

She added: "I would like to inform you that as of now, there is no drug or vaccine approved by the WHO available on the market. Yet. "

In the meantime, Minister of Health Mam Bunheng said that if the Cambodian people did not follow the instructions of the Royal Government as well as the Ministry of Health, there would be a further infection of the cholera 19.

"We have been informed all the time about the catastrophic problem, because we have a lot of meetings that do not comply with Samdech Techo's order as well as the instructions of the Ministry of Health, so if we do not comply well," he said. "No, we are at increased risk of HIV infection again." He observed that Cambodian people have a high level of knowledge in hygiene and working in accordance with these guidelines.

In connection with the reopening of the KTV, the minister confirmed that this was not authorized. He added: "The KTV thing, frankly, I want to go too, but I'm afraid to be honest, but it is not yet time and I do not know how the country opened because I just heard, but it hurts too much. Also die a lot. We either choose to die a lot, get sick a lot or take a model don't get sick or die Think about a model we don't have a lot of pain and don't die or we take a model they can get sick Many die and die, you think of me. Whoever does not want to be happy, does not want to sing.

In connection with the fight against the Kov 19, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Health Yuok Sambath said that so far, the budget has spent more than $ 7 million.

She added that the budget that the Royal Government, as well as the Ministry of Economy and Finance, will set up with the Ministry of Health, with a total budget for six months is $ 30 million and for one year $ 60 million with 40 development partners. These million dollars are the funds the ministry has prepared for the fight against the disease. The Ministry of Economy and Finance received $ 8.5 million for the budget.

"And the funding that we receive from the Ministry of Economy and Finance to encourage civil servants working at the front line against the epidemic is that we have received nearly $ 3 million so far, so far we have made donations. To all Provincial Health Departments, as well as the CDC Department, as well as Khmer-Soviet hospitals and other available hospitals We work at the front lines of the fight against the disease, we received $ 14 million from the charity and until the evening of May 2, we used to buy masks, buy alcohol and buy some of the supplies we used. $ 5 million. ”

In addition, the Secretary of State confirms that for the budget the Ministry of Health receives from all armed forces officers who have donated their salaries to join the Royal Government against the Kod 19 so far 41 institutions that cut their salaries, totaling more than $ 9.3 trillion .

So far, Cambodia has 122 confirmed cases of cholera, while the number of people who have recovered has risen to 120 and only two remain. By: Tylott