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Kampong Chhnang: Farmers living in Trapeang Krabang village, Teuk Hout commune, Rolea B'ier district, besides farming, aiming to increase family incomes and what Interestingly, their vegetables are going up considerably. Instead, the challenge is the shortage of water, so they ask the Department as well as the Ministry of Agriculture to help solve the water problem. To the villagers of Trapeang Crocodile, a large part is the planter.

Seth Pai, 33, the head of the vegetable gardening community and a live vegetable farmer, interviewed the island This morning, April 19, 2020, the vegetables of Trapeang Krabang villagers are remarkably expensive as One kilogram of onion sells for 3,000 riel, cabbage 1 kilo of kernels per kilogram, 4000 riel of cabbage and 1 kg 3 kg of cabbage. Their planters sell for 700 to 1,000 riel per kilogram.

The head of the vegetable gathering community stated that the reason their vegetables are expensive is because of the lack of leads Import vegetables from abroad. Moreover, due to water shortage, some people have abandoned the plantation for a while, causing a shortage of markets. Apparently his team now has 39 families (he is the captain), some of whom have reduced the area to grow vegetables. Small and some abandoned completely because of shortages Water to irrigate their fields.

The woman, who heads the vegetable gathering community, said that the past of Kampong Chhnang Provincial Department of Agriculture has helped a lot as Wet tap water will help the nets for growing vegetables. They are very happy farmers and give thanks too, but what the people want more is (irrigation water) ). Therefore, they ask the Department and the Ministry of Agriculture to help them solve the water problem for dry season cultivation. This.

Ngin Hun, director of the Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Department, confirmed by telephone that he acknowledged there was a problem. Facing a shortage of water, the department is currently studying which sources of water should be taken in the ground ( Wells) or dig them for drainage. The problem is the department is dealing with it gradually and hopes to come soon.

However, farmers in Trapeang Krabi village are now beginning to till the land for re-cultivation of vegetables. Two more rains followed, and some farmers also dug ponds for spring water next year. Too ៕ (Editing by: Thida)