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Former rock star Molika, after months of marriage, gets a daughter Received in the coming months. She was adored last month by her estranged husband, who had been enjoying a surrogacy.

On June 3, Molika, who was giving birth to a baby, was about to give birth. Facebook: "I decided to divorce my husband for the reason it took me $ 500 to sleep with a woman." In my blood sweat I tried to shout live music and to see my husband's face written because the business was selling her too. ».

Molika's Facebook account posted: "I have evidence when you take your sleeping wife. Whoever wants to watch it, I will watch it live. " One of my husband's daughters and he is a tea seller and the lotion may not be as good as it is Brother? .

Molika: "Distinguish between flirtatious and friendly. She wants to contact her boyfriend. Interested in contacting his sweetheart, his wife, cat, cat, car, car, bowler or pin But in the case of flying bottles, bottles fly into the mouth, so that's what they are! Facebook age child as fast as Corona, so beautify the children, do not take care of the milk factory. As far as investors go, be careful that their touch becomes a dairy factory. No need, husband, do not be born in the same life Like to own things, do not like The whole thing is not too bad, too cautious to be mild.

The island has yet to receive any further comment from Molika until the evening of June 4.