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A 20-year-old Indian woman filed for divorce this week claiming she was divorced, according to Oddity Central. Her husband was so exhausted that he could hardly breathe because he had taken a shower every 10 days.

Soni Devi, a woman from Vishhali district, filed for divorce on the grounds that her husband did not. Maintain proper sanitation and not manners. She argued that marrying her husband, a 23-year-old carpenter, had embarrassed her and destroyed her. Her life. In her formal divorce application, the 20-year-old wrote that her husband had almost never bathed or brushed. Teeth and do not adhere to any social rules. She asked the court for her divorce.

"My husband smells bad when he doesn't shower for nearly 10 days," she said. Additionally, he does not brush his teeth. He was also not well-mannered and habitual. I don't want to live with my husband anymore. I can no longer bear the shame. Get me out of that man, because he's ruining my life. We have no children, but our relationship as a couple is not friendly. Life makes no sense. It is worthless. ”

Manish Ram's husband told the Times of India that he wants to stay with his wife and he will try his best. To improve his lifestyle, unlike now and in the past.

Source: odditycentral , Edited by: Fortune