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Prey Veng province as firefighters set fire to a motorcycle repair shop near the market 5-year-old boy dies in search of fire while 2-year-old girl is critically injured The mother suffered minor injuries.

The incident happened to shock everyone at 12:45 pm. Noon March 2 – At the corner of the corner of the road, it is divided into four sections east of the village of Chambok in the village of Chambok, Kompong Trabek, Prey Veng.

Kompong Trabek district authorities said that one of the houses above the fire was burned to a metal roof. The zinc roof measures 4 meters wide and 8 meters long, with the owner named Chhun Srun, 47, repairing work. The motorbike left the three victims, one of whom was Chhou Mengch, male, 5 2 year old son dies in a fire 2-year-old Chouav Eang female 2, seriously injured And 3 – the mother suffered minor injuries.

The cause of the fire was due to a homeowner repairing a motorcycle in front of the house While repairing the motorbike, he accidentally broke the spark off of the motorcycle to his gas bottle for sale in front of the house. Let the gas bottle explode and burst, gasping, and pouring into the house, causing a fire Because the whole house only once.

Kompong Trabek district police chief Suon Sam Oeun said an immediate fire had engulfed a local. Some of the commotion broke up, while others took water to help the fire and immediately reported to the authorities. Led the force as well as the fire truck down At the same time, there were also firefighters from Ba Phum, Preah Sdach and Svay Chrum fire stations. Svay Rieng also prevented the flames from spreading to neighboring homes.

Inspectors confirmed that the fire burned in about 20 minutes and completely extinguished the property but The house was set on fire, including the son of a five-year-old homeowner .

Residents of the house who witnessed the incident said that the gas bottle exploded immediately. The homeowner jumped out while his wife and two young children were inside the house and were tongue-tied The fire was near and the wife was only able to care for her youngest daughter Two-year-old boy was rescued while his 5-year-old son was rescued. At home only.

After the incident, the husband took his wife and children to the hospital while the relatives moved. The boy's body was laid to rest in a nearby pagoda to prepare for the traditional celebration. The damage to the property was not immediately known. (Editing by: Thida)