Mondul Kiri Province: People living in Leap village, Sangkum commune Ten Monorom Families Urged Municipal Authorities to Intervene in Case of Constructing Fences They are using it every day very much.

Representatives of all 10 families have said that they have been using the road since 1980. But later the landowners who lived on the same side of the road owned the road.

At this point, it is doubtful that the person who took the public road above would belong to the former governor of Mondulkiri province. Previous edition.

Regarding the case, commune chief Sokdom said that the plot of land above is owned by landowners who had a permit from the previous authorities. And that he has just been the next incumbent, and he has no right to deal with the above roadblocks. No.

Khun Oun, deputy mayor of Sen Monorom City, confirmed that the land at the top of the land was the old road.

He added that if all 10 families protest or complain to the city administration, they will work to resolve the issue.
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