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An Indian man, unidentified, has taken her to a transgender woman ) When the sex was completed, the Indian claimed missing out on $ 3,250, shocking authorities. She was taken to the police administration for questioning .

The incident occurred at 4:15 pm on 14 April 2020 Preah Sisowath Road, at an Indian restaurant in front of the riverfront, is located in Central Market 1, Daun Penh district.

The suspect, Heng Sonna, called Srey Keo, a gay man (28), was living on Street 136 in the market district. Central 2 Daun Penh. The unidentified Indian man was about 40 years old.

According to eyewitnesses, an Indian man had been drunk before the incident A gay bomber above standing on a river bank for $ 5 goes into a store Indian to have sex for almost 1 hour until the third sex stops Money $ 5 to come out.

But since the Indians lost all their money, $ 3,250, the suspect claims, No, but the Indian, who says in English, is really gay. Immediately, local authorities came down to the scene to arrest a gay man for questioning at the police station Central Market 1.

After the incident, an Indian man lodged a complaint at the Central Market Police Administration 1 office to take action.