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According to the lead teacher, Feng Shui Chinese predicts that the four great years must be fast enough to be free from suffering. Instead, good luck brings you the rest of your life. What's called Lucky? Lok Chong is a process or practice that is in line with the ban that teachers were forbidden to perform in the place known as Lok Chung if the Lok Chong. Whatever the year, that year will threaten to rob you of your peace.

According to Feng Shui Chinese, predict that all four years of the year Laxokammy children not to be wronged. All seven of the sentences were Friday against March 20. When you follow the Teacher well and all your worries are gone, your life will be gone. Instead, instead of only prospering in business, they can only get better with their business, good luck, big luck, fortune. Come into your life. Visit lucky number 220 and sergeants pray now for life to see good things flowing.

For the four years, the teacher was banned from committing seven offenses of:
1. Do not harass, envy, envy, and use malicious words

2. Avoid stealing items, money, gold, silver, possessions

Do not commit adultery with another spouse or children

Do not lie to others

5. Abstinence from alcohol, drugs and other alcoholic beverages

Keep away from gambling, gambling and gambling.

Do not associate with your friend, leading one to another.

By the time the four Lucky Laks hold these bans well, the wealthier angels will bless, bless, prosper, prosper, prosper, all have good fortune. Big luck, big luck, living on a heap of happiness and a lifetime of happiness. San Sarin