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Businesses are often required to fly from country to country to earn a living and for their families. For some, they can't avoid traveling, even though the world, and especially China, is struggling The Coronavirus virus has spread. So, in this case, how should a dedicated businessman protect himself?

1. Know the places you travel to:
You can do a thorough search of where your commute is and what authorities have announced Got this virus. If you have to go for a few weeks, you should monitor the development of the virus on a regular basis, as the spread of the virus may Suspended flights for many flights around the world.

2. Dress Up:
When you travel to crowded places, especially in the parking lot, train or airport, you should wear gloves and be careful, or Wash it regularly. Also, avoid touching your face before washing your hands well with detergent or alcohol. At the same time, you should wear regular and renewable masks.

3. Keep distance from other people:
If you are not feeling well, you should stay at home or hotel or away from others. If you cough or paper, you should cover your mouth and nose. Whether you are sick or not, you should always avoid crowded areas.

4. Use a clean towel:
If you are staying at a hotel, you should always ask for a towel and a new towel
It was so hard to clean it. You should not use a damp towel as it is the best place for germs.

5. Choose food carefully:
You need to avoid unhealthy foods, especially uncooked meats. For fruits and vegetables, you must first wash your water before eating. If you are sharing a meal with someone else, you should use a different spoon for sharing food. Edited by: Sokhuk