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Chinese New Year is the most important traditional Chinese festival. The festival is not only celebrated in Cambodia in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and other countries. Many Chinese residents also celebrate the Lunar New Year.

During the Lunar New Year, the Chinese brothers believed in a variety of reasons, including the closure of a house in a fireplace. Bounce up almonds, burn incense sticks at church, buy black sugar cane, mint leaves, and display flowers in homes for goodies Good luck, Heng Heng and Sok Chamroeun have a good chance

According to Chinese civilization, Chinese people have a deep belief in the Chinese New Year, and many belief in the Chinese. During the Lunar New Year, especially on the first day, despite the incident, it takes great patience to Don't touch the Angel of Glory.

In short, these three days are considered to be the most special day to be free from the shadows that affect the glory Marriage or New Year's Angels. They have to do something that brings glory, happiness, success to themselves and their families to bring goodbye to Heng throughout the year.

One of China's most famous teachers, Heng Chhay, says there are many programs in China, especially the people. The Chinese, who are abroad, have returned to their native villages to practice the traditional rituals.

For the Chinese cutter in Cambodia, he is also preparing to organize the festival in his own home. To do this before Chinese New Year is to clear the house, clean the spider web.

He also pointed out that by the time of the traditional Chinese day, most of the offerings were Chinese, such as duck eggs or eggs. Fruit chocolates must have at least 5 flavors and don't forget the orange peel and more specifically, do not Forget the noodles because they believe the noodles will help your grandparents live longer at the altar. Necessary animal, chicken, duck and pork, decisively.

We wish all Chinese and Khmer people the happiness and success of the new year, especially Traveling farther, please stay safe on the road both back and forth. San Sarin