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Buddhism is the teaching of the Buddha, the Master who is the enlightenment of all the Dharmas, and transcends the beings Free from the misery of the world.

Discipline is the doctrine of Dharma, Truth, Reality, Dharma not to do evil, to do good and to clear one's heart It is a set of principles that express life's principles or principles for learning, learning, and developing.

Buddhism, after the Divine Being, is enlightened, he uses the word Brahma: practice of morality and wisdom called trinity. Workshop. Then using that doctrine, doctrine, and order law, the development order so far is called Buddhism to God. Buddhists and Buddhist monks are devotees of the four Buddhas.

The Buddha is fully aware of the principles, laws, nature, reason, through enlightenment, the truth, the truth and the nature of existence. You can find out about all of these facts, as well as the prescribing guidelines, as doctors know how to prescribe remedies. So is the plague. San Sarin