(Phnom Penh) April 10, 2020: In the Kingdom of Cambodia, homework or distance learning is almost done nationwide! Despite this, consumers and Cambodians alike can keep their children in school and enjoy family entertainment with the new Samsung Crystal UHD TV. ) Well!

The Samsung Crystal UHD TV comes with the latest technology that delivers real-time updates with the latest Samsung features:

  • Crystal Processor 4K

The technology offers a richer sensation with a more detailed, vivid, cooler, 4x full HD resolution!

  • Mobile View (Mirroring Screen on TV)

One of the most exciting new technologies that make you enjoy entertainment on the big screen and the cool of the eyes by connecting your phone! This means that you can split the screen on Split Screen on TV at the same time! So you won't miss out on the entertainment:

  • Sing karaoke, entertain or watch popular movies …
  • Respond to social media messages from your boss or your friends on the TV screen, just in time! LOL! Work and Fun… Safely! Where to go… !!
  • How to Use YouTube Voice Control in Khmer with Samsung Crystal UHD TV
  1. Connect the Samsung Crystal HD TV with internet or (Wi-Fi Connected)
  2. Select the YouTube app
  3. Select "LANGUAGE"
  4. Change to Khmer language
  5. Then select "CONFIRM CHANGE"
  6. Then select "Search"
  7. Select "Microphone" symbol
  8. Then press the center button of the remote
  9. Then click the "microphone" button on the One Remote Control near your mouth of the song you want to hear or want to sing!
    (You can also hear Voice in English)

For example: "Samsung Global TV" will jump to that tab immediately!

Want to know how to buy one … and try it out for yourself! So no need to spend a single spell on the remote! Real life means so much! Goodbye to Stress! The Samsung Crystal UHD TV of the year 2020 can really please you, and make your family life even happier!

For more information, visit our nearest Samsung store nationwide or contact our customer service hotline: 1800-20 32 32!