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Bill Gates and Elon Musk have vastly different views on technology. Obviously, you are both a millionaire and a recognized billionaire around the world, but the views others have on you The two are almost completely opposite.
Gates recently decided to buy a Porsche Taycan and shared, "It is a premium car. But it is very cool! "It was my first electric car and I really liked it."

The decision has left the billionaire frustrated because Porsche is a big competitor in electric vehicles. As a result, it seems that Gates' decision and words could turn consumers away from his Tesla. Mas, because people think Gates is a smart guy, Mars replied on Twitter that the conversation he had with And Gates is nothing short of astute He is as smart as anyone can think.

This response can be an important lesson for any aspiring businessman. The lesson is that you should not be concerned about the choice of a customer who has chosen your competitor's product, especially when it comes to it That customer also appreciates your product and company.

And as an entrepreneur, it can be a big mistake when you allow such things to affect your image Yours. Sure, you have a right to be offended, but you shouldn't show it to the public.