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As the economic impact of the outbreak of jaundice 19 continues to grow every day, billionaires around the world Go out and donate to charity, whether it's for free food sharing or vaccine research. . But this trend is not recent.

Since the financial crisis of 2008, Bill Gates and his wife have partnered with billionaire Warren Buffett. Warren Buffett, along with his billionaire friends and friends, raise their donations to charity through The Giving Pledge.

According to Forbes, the funds donated to billionaires through The Giving Pledge totaled approximately $ 1.14 billion. That's the end of 2019. To join the initiative, individuals or couples must have approximately $ 1 billion in assets, and they must submit a letter. Ask Buffett or Gates to explain why they want to join.

The Conversation read the letters and found out the big reasons why billionaires said they were the main motive for their donation. Their dollars.

The biggest reason is to want to show the image of people to others. Dong Fangjun, a Chinese investor and philanthropist involved in cleaning up rural areas in China, said That helping poor people live a decent life while building wealth is his own principle.

The second biggest reason is the commitment to reintegration into the community. "I've never forgotten that," said Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx and a supporter of the pro-women's movement. I was born in the right country and time.

The third biggest reason is feeling happy to help others. "I get it," said Bill Ackman, an investor and aide to many non-profit organizations. Feel good about helping others. It makes my life more valuable.

Obviously, we cannot assume that what the billionaires wrote in these letters is really their purpose, but it is Still, it helps us to understand the billionaire's mindset.