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Phnom Penh: A prominent financial expert recently shared some tips on how to think and how to act Help you to save some money, whether you go out for a drink or a little wine.

According to a Facebook post by Teacher Kim Sokheng on the night of May 26, he shared his knowledge to save money. Then, our experts raised two questions to all thinkers. Two questions I posed were:

1 – Drink much better than when to learn more?

When Do You Learn More Than Drink Much? At this point, you are really curious about when and how much to drink.

In connection with the first question, "Drink more is better than when you learn it", Kim Sok Heng is a teacher. Many snippets of financial management also give the answer, "You drink more than you learn." Much better when he or she has enough or enough skills. They have jobs or stable occupations that do not affect the work. On the other hand, they are financially stable, which means they still have an income even when they are not working. But in my opinion, they don't drink much. " This is a comparison and comparison, Sok Heng does not mean to encourage or support people to drink more.

At the same time, the above experts also explained the meaning of the second question, "Learn a lot." When you drink or when you have not, you are better than many Enough knowledge. Young, not yet skilled, not well-off, means not doing something specific.

"In particular, the income is not sustainable as long as the future of drinking in the future is deteriorating." I added that Cambodia's grapes are not champagne (meant for beer or beer). Go to work, they never ask if you know how to drink.

After reading this explanation, you will be able to manage it at a reasonable time so you will have some money to avoid As the saying goes, “drink until you are full,” that is unhealthy.