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Phnom Penh: Just talk about the bullets, but it was scary when they used the bullet to create. Jewelry is beautiful and attractive.

Although not as expensive as gold and diamonds, the business of making all kinds of bulletproof jewelry Also earrings, necklaces and necklaces can also attract a large number of domestic and foreign visitors and can contribute to revenue. To support the family.

Thoeun Chantha, who worked in the art of making bullet shells for various bodybuilders. He said he started the gun-making business about 10 years ago, starting with a small business. . But with the support and help of his friends, Thoeun Chantha is now able to open.
Is a self-employed business and has trained many young staff.

39 year old brother from Pursat province has been living in Phnom Penh's fireworks business since 2010 That's it.

Asked how he bought the shells and sold them to him, Thoeun Chantha said "We ordered a kilo of bullets from the eatery he picked from," he said. The remnants of the bomb when the CMAC was demolished and another procured from the Cypriot firing squad or his troops were rehearsed Shoot. ”

"Most of the customers who come to order will sell abroad and usually before the crisis," he said Kov 19 happens to save me $ 300 to $ 500 after spending between 2,000-3000. The monthly dollars to staff are ready.

The business owner, who has an idea to refurbish the bullet, said that after a lot of orders (Overseas) And he also decided to increase his staff in 2012, he got 10 employees or you want to learn about this business. People by teaching them salaries or fees according to what they produce.

He said that he only worked with the family because there was no income to open the staff so he cut a lot. But if the situation is better and more lucrative then invite them back.

We look at the jewelry business as well, said Chenda. Also reduced staff and stores, leaving only one store resuming business because of the loss of popular foreigners Shop for jewelry from multiple bullet casings.

“I started in 2007 by making all kinds of jewelry from bullet casings mixed with spikes,” said Chenda. To attach to a buffalo horn. I buy ammunition from 20,000 kilos up to 10,000 riel now. And there's no more sales by now, and they're closing down for a while. ”

“So we made up the remainder, but the stock was still small. We recycle it because of the quality of the storage. And most of our guests are expatriates and foreigners, but we also have locals, but not many. (Edited by: Bopha)