Phnom Penh: Westerdam is now heading to Sihanoukville, Cambodia, where the current cruise ends. We will arrive at 7:00 am local time on Thursday, February 13th and we will stay in the port for several days to get your visitors off the ship and guests will be able to go on shore. All approvals have been received and we are very grateful to the Cambodian authorities for their support.

According to the Hollandamerica blog, guests will be discharged in Sihanoukville within the next few days and transferred by special flight to Phnom Penh to return home. Holland America Line will arrange and pay for all flights home, in addition to the full refund and 100% of future travel credit already contacted.

Westerdam's long-awaited sea voyage plans are still being finalized. The February 15 cruise planned for Yokohama Harbor has been canceled. No cancellation with departure dates after February 15. However, we are assessing the impact of the current port restrictions on Asia's port on ferry travel on February 29 or later. We will contact the details once it is completed in the next few days.

Westerdam set off for a 14-day tour leaving Hong Kong on February 1. There were 1,455 guests and 802 crew members. According to previous plans, the vessel is scheduled to be discharged on February 15 in Yokohama, Japan.

All the passengers on the yacht were in good health, and despite false reports, there was no known and suspected case of coronavirus on board.