Brothers in the social media expressed their joy at seeing the heartfelt expression of a sister's family who Monks have donated more than 100 bins to monks in a total of 11 pagodas.

According to the Praskhanrith Furniture Facebook page, "❌ Leave the Corona virus for a while. ) ❌ Come and celebrate with me. ជាង More than one hundred rubbish bins were donated to monks in the monastery. Wat 😇😇😇 May you wish all my family and my family peace and happiness There are all kinds of fish. "

At the same time, there are many monks, especially in remote pagodas and who lack the ability to buy trays. Some rubbish just for use.

With this great message, social network users are also expressing their gratitude and thank you for the words “really”. Well, owner, get more happiness and good business !! ” ៕ By: Hong Hong