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Guangxi: China's top respiratory specialist, Zhang Nangan, on Thursday afternoon. That if most countries do like China with national attention to global pandemic efforts, it is possible Controlled by June, according to the agency Chinese media Xinhua.

From the experience of China can help the world avoid the infection caused by the virus Kov-19.

Zhong Nanshan made the remarks at a press conference in Guangzhou on Thursday, March 12. He said the death rate of the current CAV-19 outbreak is roughly the same as that of the early stages of Wuhan. .

Zong Nansan said his group had exchanged ideas on controlling and preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus with the region. Special administrations from Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Europe and several countries, and Chinese experts already sent to Italy. And to combat the viral virus.

Zong added that it is necessary to change the relationship between China and the region, which has been growing since its experience and lessons. China over the past two months has been able to help the world reduce both its prevalence and mortality in June.