The Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology has issued a notification On April 1, 2020, there will be thunderstorms and thunderstorms. As a result of continuous monitoring of the weather conditions, Cambodia has been affected by low pressure valleys on the land with strong winds from the China Sea South.

Such conditions make the weather: In the central plains provinces, the minimum temperature is three to 25 degrees Celsius. The temperature is from 34 to 37 ° C. From April 2 to 6, provinces in the central and northwestern plains will experience moderate to heavy rainfall. Other provinces will experience less rain. In the northeastern provinces, the minimum temperature is 24 to 26 ° C, the maximum temperature is 32 to 34 ° C. From April 4-7, parts will be able to rain in the low to medium intensity. In coastal provinces the minimum temperature is 25 to 27 ° C, the maximum temperature is 33 to 35 ° C. From April 2 to 7 there will be light rainfall, with parts of Koh Kong likely Rainfall is moderate to moderate.

Weather conditions urge the public to be alert for thunderstorms and thunderstorms that may occur from 2 to 6, the ministry said. April ៕ By: Kolab