Kep: On the morning of Friday, May 29, 2020, the prince nodded Sar Kheng, Deputy Prime Minister of the Ministry of Interior, presides over the inauguration ceremony of Deputy Governor of the Kep Provincial Council.

HE Kuntha, Governor of Kep Province, ends his term and is ready to take the post of Secretary of State for the Council of Ministers About the progress in the province, such as the maintenance of peace, security, safety, public order and social order. Contribution to economic and social development makes the Kep people's life better year after year.

In the last five years, the Kep provincial government has been working to reform all sectors in response to the government's policy Providing public services to the people by running the OWSO 100% while all communes in the Kep administration And are in the process of testing identity services.

HE Som Piseth, former Deputy Provincial Governor who took charge of the Kep Provincial Government, expressed his commitment to abiding by the Constitution, laws, regulations, political program And the Rectangular Strategy of the Royal Government under the leadership of Samdech Prime Minister as well as the principles of Samdech Krom Krom and the leaders of ministries .

He also pledged to work to prevent the occurrence of any adverse events and to the detriment of law enforcement people. Except for efforts to build and develop all sectors in the province, strive to maintain internal solidarity, strengthen public service provision and prepare the intervention for the State It is good to ask for support from all stakeholders.

Afterwards, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Ministry of Interior, Mr. Krasa Kheng, delivered a speech and gave a speech to the ceremony as a start. Highly commended on all actors in the Kep administration territory for their cooperation in implementing measures to prevent the spread of the disease 19 Results were good and cured four infected people and prevented the transmission to the community level.

He also praised the efforts of overcoming the difficulties of the civil servants and the forces of the Kep administration in Kiev. 19 Continued public affairs in all fields, including government reform programs, security, security, public order, citizenship And the provision of essential public services for the people, ensuring social equality.

At the same time, HE Som Piseth and the Governor of the Kep Provincial Governor congratulated the Governor-General Kep Chuktema as the Secretary of State. Samdech informed the ceremony that the appointment of Mr.Va Sokha from the Provincial Department of Land Management as the Deputy Governor of the Kep province was achieved by the Royal Government. Support and requests from Provincial officials, including the President of the Party and the KRG;

Samdech Hun Sen has congratulated HE Kantha, who has served the nation and the people since the liberation day of January, especially in the role of Governor of Kep province. Subsequent works and commended HE Som Piseth, who had been Deputy Governor for 8 years, to become the Governor of Kep on occasion. This is why he hopes that he will do his utmost to the nation and the people.

At the same time, Samdech requested provincial councils, deputy governors, departments, units, officials, armed forces, municipal, district and commune councils and the people to support HE Som Piseth. To continue to work together to maintain peace, political stability, public order, and joint development of Kep with the government working group .

On the occasion of his meaningful remarks, Krasmall Sar Kheng also addressed important issues. Regarding the maintenance of peace, peace and political stability, Samdech stressed that we have better political stability and stability but at the same time spread the disease. The 19th Vedas, a populist politician, took the opportunity to use rhetoric, demote or undermine the government.

"The demand by the populist politicians not to pay back the loans to the banks is that," he said. The impossible propaganda goes against the principle that the borrower has to rebuild his loan. He stressed that any such promotion or appeal, the authorities must explain to the people to avoid misunderstandings that could affect political stability.

Regarding the resolution of the dispute or the request of the people, the prince stressed that we must never underestimate the problem, that is, any conflict or request. Blessings are to find a reason, and deal properly, fairly and transparently, to avoid violence because the opposition may Take that as an attack on the government or the sub-national government.

Samdech also suggested to mobilize citizen support and provide incentives for local people to implement village and village policy. For safety, Samdech Kep recommend Sihanouk province to experience Sihanoukville if tourism and investment activities prosper. The drug could be the base in Kep

From the chairmanship, Samdech Krom Krom offered some comment on the view that restrictions on the implementation of traffic law in the negative. . The prince claimed that the purpose of the Royal Government was to protect the lives and safety of the citizens. As of May this year, the number of traffic fatalities has decreased by 15 and injured Less than 80 people.

The prince said we should not be too concerned with any criticism of the work we are doing to protect our lives and safety. Citizens, as long as we have the ideals of serving the true people, do not be afraid to act and do not retreat. The prince warned the law enforcement officials to respect their profession and avoid the misconduct.

Regarding the disease situation of the King, he also noted that the people, especially the Phnom Penh people, seem to have loosened their hands. Stress with an untreated disease and this vaccine. The prince asked the people to continue implementing measures of the Royal Government of Cambodia, the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization, and the Kep provincial government needs to pay more attention.

He also advised on the Royal Government's policy to address the socio-economic challenges of the crisis in Kuwait 19 And topics related to identifying poor families to provide assistance to citizens without breaking the sectoral trend, especially in the province Tourism, Public Administration Reform, Capacity Building, Public Service Officials Through One Window Mechanism

Before concluding, the prince advised the provincial administration to strengthen the special solidarity between the board of governors and the council, which is the main pillar of the provincial, municipal and district administration He expressed his hope that the leaders of the provincial administration in all units would come together to successfully implement all tasks for the prosperity of the people Nation and people's happiness ប្រជាពលរដ្ឋ

By: Kolab