Koh Kong: The Wildlife Conservation Society of Cambodia (WCS) in collaboration with the Fisheries Administration and Mississippi State University in the United States plans to launch a study project. New Research on "Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture for Community Resilience" in Sre Ambel Prek in Koh Kong and Provinces Sihanoukville.

Ken Serey Ratha, President of WCS, said on August 10 that the research project was to share knowledge from experts and students from the university. Mississippi State University of the United States to the fishing community along the salt fields in Koh Kong and Sihanoukville, but he has not Know how many you have to attend. The project will train aquatic animals such as fish, crabs, lobsters, frogs, turtles, shrimp and other animals that are in high demand in Cambodia.

He said the study was a complement to WCS conservation work funded by the European Union (EU) Forest Conservation Organization. United States (USFS) to establish more family fisheries and aquaculture community councils.

"The main purpose is to reduce fishing or encroachment on wildlife along the canals that we are conserving," said Serey Ratha. . So if we help them to have a decent business, which is different from illegal fishing, this is a natural resource that we are conserving. "It will survive and reproduce more without destruction."

According to Mr. Ken Serey Ratha, this study project will run for 3 years from October 2020 onwards, with professional students from the United States as Many. In addition, he would like to request the participation of Cambodian students to exchange experiences and knowledge with each other, especially together. Knowledge to the fishing community in the area.

According to the Mississippi State University website, fish is an important resource for nutrition and commerce in Cambodia. In rural communities, fishing is a way of life for many generations of the community, but many communities have gradually changed. . In particular, communities living along the Sre Sre Ambel system are examples of life change that can serve as a model for many communities in Southeast Asia. .

Local communities in Prek Sre Ambel, Koh Kong and Sihanoukville provinces will be trained to manage and adapt to Lifestyle changes. Communities will be assessed on local food processing preferences and capabilities, comparisons of different food processing techniques, and Practice using processed fish products.

Mississippi State University adds that the program will also be very useful on fisheries management and sustainable nutrition in addition to fishing. In natural canals. Women and youth play an important role in the Cambodian fishing community and sections of society as a whole will be encouraged to develop skills and Food production techniques.

Eng Chea San, the Royal Government delegate in charge of the Fisheries Administration of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, could not be reached for comment. No, because your phone has no answer.

Nuth Vanna, a representative of the fishing community in Prek Ambel area, Koh Kong province, said on August 10 that she had received the information but did not know if the organization WCS allows her community to participate or not, as she wishes to.

"Before, we used to fish in the canals and lakes in our village district, but now I have stopped fishing," she said. I came back to raise fish and I just started 3 months ago, I do not know any technique and if the experts come down Help explain more is really good, I want to participate in their project.