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Kampot – Kratie: Reports suggest that the Chinese-Vietnamese traditional season, some Cambodians from China, rarely celebrate Chinese ancestry. Just like you, when the day is over or before the door closes, the house is closed and a house owner is robbed. He exerted himself by crying out for some millions of dollars.

Apparently, on January 24, 2020, between 2 and 5 pm, it was unknown how many thieves were acting. Opened the home of Heng Sothea, a 39-year-old jewelry seller in Kampot Market located in Samrong village, Chum Krele commune, Tek Chuk district, Kampot province.

The incident happened while the victim locked the door for Chinese New Year at another house in Kampong Kreung village, Kampong commune Kreung District, Kampot Province. On the same day, when he returned home, many burglars were not able to tell the exact amount of missing items Yes.

In the case of another home burglary in Kratie: clothes removal on January 25, 2020 at 8 am Justice Department has received a complaint from two victim's owner, 30-year-old Sayyam Man One year old and Sok Savoeun male, 28 years old, living in Kbal Snoul Snoul commune, Snoul district, Kratie province at about 4:20 pm on the same date.

The source said that when the owner arrived at the kiosk at Snuol market, Kbal Snuol village, Snoul commune, Kratie province to organize Just like usual, I found a door and saw a cut and a saw for the door. Lock. So the two of them went to the police. Damage and loss items, including the 1-storey of Shimmen's clothing, totaled about 5,000,000 Riel (five million riels) And 2, Sok Savoeun's stall (damaged wall stall) but did not cause any loss of property.

Immediately upon receiving the complaint, a specialist task force arrived at the scene and conducted a follow-up inspection. Following the procedure.