(Phnom Penh) April 06, 2020: Congratulations to the lucky week 1 and 2 winners !!! And now our lucky customer for Week 3 has also appeared.

Please note that this week, there is an invitation to the lucky draw to find the winner as well as to be presented by Mr. Sam Socheat, Marketing and Advertising Manager of Sam Song, to congratulate the winners of the week. The third prize, a Honda Zoomer X 2020, was given to a customer named Monary from the province. Ratanakiri!

Mr. Chea Socheat also added, "On behalf of Samsung and the marketing department, we are committed to developing new programs to increase the popularity of Samsung products and boost sales of our products for the benefit of our businesses and customers. We, too. And on this exciting occasion, I would like to thank all of our customers for their support and trust in all Samsung products! Specifically, subscribers who have purchased the Samsung Galaxy A10s, A20s and A30s will have a chance to win prizes in the third week as well! Last but not least, we wish all this week's unbeaten customers a chance to win next week! ” .

Please note that the lucky draw is on MyTV on A1 Twist from 10: 00-12: 00 noon! Also, please remember that this exciting program will offer many great prizes such as:

  • Honda ZOOMER X 2020 total 4 units
  • A total of 8 Galaxy Watch Active2 watches
  • A total of 12 Galaxy A30s
  • 32-inch Samsung TVs total 16 units
  • The following is a list of clients that won in Week 3:

Hurry up … the chance to win the prize is just one more time! Who knows who the next winner might be for you! Quickly buy now right away … Good luck!

Note: The 4th lucky draw will be on April 19, 2020!

For more information, visit our nearest Samsung Song Store and Distributor or contact our customer service hotline: 1800-20 32 32!