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PHNOM PENH – A group of six male and female suspects on three motorbikes were working Stealing Wallet in a WING House and Selling Van Chay Hui, located behind Independent Market 1, Trapeang village Weigh 1, Sangkat Chom Chao 1, Pur Senchey District. After stealing more than $ 5,000 in cash, the suspects fled on a motorbike to escape This incident occurred at 7:40 am on 19 April 2020.

However, in connection with the case, it is hoped that the police could break up the case and lead to the arrest of the suspect. Convicted by the law for possessing a security camera, which can record shots and suspects.

According to the source, the owner of the Wing and the seller of the market, 32-year-old Em Phalla, lives in the village. Above.

According to the victim, before the incident, he had opened stalls and received mail and cash. To customers as usual every day, but to let her 80-year-old grandmother keep a close eye on her. Above the house. When that happened, one of the suspects went to buy a $ 1 phone card When she got the card, the suspect gave her a $ 10 note, and she walked away. It was only then that the suspect learned of the wallet, and so on Quebec police want to know where the wallet as well.

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The suspect then walked away, and another woman walked away She bought 3 bags of 500 riel of ice, which made her so busy that the door was suddenly frozen. The other two suspects walked to the side of the stall to steal the purse The suspects then rushed into three motorcycles that the party was igniting nearby and rode. The motorbike managed to escape safely with a total of more than $ 5,000 A.

After the incident, police officer Chao Chao 1 went to intervene, recorded the victim and checked the camera. The security guards inside the house searched the suspects and brought them to justice. (Editing by: Thida)