Phnom Penh, March 31, 2020 – Visa, the world's leading digital payments technology company, today announced a partnership with DIFI Lucky, which has a Lucky Supermarket. Premiam and Gadenia, offering contactless payments through all branches nationwide with the technology With this new payment method, shoppers can pay for goods at the cashier by tapping on the POS without the use of a "swipe" method.

Introducing this new technology is that we offer customers a faster way to make payments for their goods, while Lucky Supermarkets the introduction of payment through Contactless technology will enable faster payment processing. Reduced queue time, charges and better operational efficiency. Contactless payments are also available at Guardian Lucky Premium and Beauty Express Health and Beauty stores, all owned by DFI Lucky Private Limited.

Contact Chum Monika, VISA country manager in Cambodia, said Contactless Payments make it easy for cardholders as well as their merchants and staff, and we believe that increasing this simplicity is important, especially at When it comes to the consumer’s daily spending. We are delighted to be partnering with the largest and most popular supermarkets such as Lucky Market to launch technology in their stores nationwide. With this paymentless contactless technology, customers can enjoy shopping and enjoy a secure, easy and fast payment experience that makes their everyday lives easier.

From early March until the end of April, cardholders who use Payless Payments at Lucky Supermarkets, Guardian Health and Beauty, Lucky Premium, Lucky Express, or Lucky Express for $ 20 each will receive a card. Buy $ 3 cash back for next purchase. This offer is for a limited time and other terms and conditions apply. Come visit each of the outlets in person for details. The offer is limited and the terms and conditions apply.

"We are very focused on providing our customers with great products and services, and part of that," said Stephen Parrittte, senior managing director of DIFI Lucky. Also, the guarantee is the most effective payment. Partnering with this Visa will allow us to offer our customers an easier online experience so customers can spend less time waiting and enjoying more time at home to use their goods. With family.

Contactless Cash Payments allow cardholders to make payments through the use of bank credit, debit and Visa cards just by "placing the card above the POS". Customers do not need to sign or enter a PIN for transactions up to $ 50 and transactions greater than $ 50 are required to sign or enter a PIN. One of the major advantages of this payment is that the customer can always hold the card in his or her hands during the transaction.

Although the Cambodian economy is heavily reliant on cash, new ways of making payments via e-commerce are also gaining the attention of consumers. Based on a recent VISA study of customer payment behavior, a survey of four out of five people (79%) felt optimistic about using cash-in-the-store payments Sell ​​big items and supermarkets in the future. Meanwhile, one-third of Cambodians (33%) are interested in using contactless payment cards, and more than one-third (36%) are using smartphones to make contactless payments.

"Our collaboration with DIFI Lucky is part of a strong effort to offer our customers a greater way to make payments in more locations than ever before," said Monica. .

We are currently working with other merchants across a range of products and businesses to inspire more Cambodians to access payment services through this contactless technology at retail and convenience stores as part of everyday life. Theirs. ”