Battambang: Hero's VIP Truck: Bun Tha hit a motorbike, killing a woman And a man was seriously injured at 9:10 am on February 28, 2020 along National Road No. 5, Sala Trav Village, Kampong Pring Commune. Sangke District, Battambang Province.

Hero's VIP Car: Buntham, wearing a 2AD-4369 number plate, escape driver. Motorcycles, license plates, driver's license, 67-year-old Yat Smith, a resident of the village, was killed by a passenger, 63-year-old Mak Met.

Before the crash, the victim was riding a motorcycle from the westbound lanes along National Highway 5 and turning left onto the roadway when the vehicle hit. The latter caused many deaths and serious injuries. The car overturned and the driver fled.