Stung Treng: Hundreds of families in Chamkar Leu commune Stung Treng district's Stung Treng district has been using waste water due to the dry season of the Oreng Canal, and villagers have been forced to buy fresh water. From carriers to mobile car sales.

Villagers reported that every year, the O-Thma Bang stone in Ouchar Leu commune in Ouk Canal needs to be dry. And hundreds of families regularly use the water, some digging wells half a meter deep. The commune has a well for pumping water, but it is not enough for the people to decide to use the well. Some people also buy water from additional car dealers.

Villagers complain that the water pumped from the rock for sale is contaminated and could be harmful to consumers' health. Carriers for personal consumption do not take into consideration the health of users.

Vong Leng, the village chief, said he was aware of the stagnant water and was not clean. He also has no control over the person named Heng, the village water salesman.

Heng, the water salesman, did not ask for an explanation in the case where villagers allegedly pumped clean water. Posted by: Sok