Tbong Khmum: On the morning of 5 February 2020, the community of Srei village Trapaing Pring commune, Tbaung Khmum district, Tbong Khmum province, gathered on a banner to film the provincial court in Tbong Khmum for the release of their community representative, Sam Sang, who has been arrested. On October 17, 2019, approximately 70% of women, 80% of them were women.

In October 201, police arrested a community representative, Sam Sang, and face charges related to A land dispute between a Chinese company for Hammond Wins Investment and several communities in Tbong Khmum province.

In October, villagers in Tbout district marched to protest the arrest and arrest of two. The security forces monitored the initial trial, which was conducted at the Tbong Khmum Provincial Court. It was also barred from observing civil cases filed by the company Strengthening International Investment in the requested court so that the villagers can go to the forest land.

More than 600 families who rely on land for housing and farming are affected by land disputes Hammins Investment Co., Ltd, has exported more machinery this month than last year. Clearing away the land of the present with the presence of the kingdom and the kingdom of Basra Around 30 villagers also came in. Villagers continued to call for national and sub-national authorities Help solve this land dispute. By: Columbus