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Kodiv-19: Concerns about embezzlement of Kovid-19 aid for the poor have come as the head of the government warned The measure for who the big liver is, is to embezzle the poor's money. The government has launched an unprecedented aid plan to help poor people affected by Kov-19. This is the first time the government has announced a cash offer to the victims of Kov-19.

This post is very encouraging. But at the same time, there are fears that village chiefs, commune chiefs, abusers exploit the aid plan. “This work is almost entirely dependent on local authorities – village chiefs and groups,” he said on Facebook. Commune / Sangkat councilors must make the most thorough and thorough.

So in order to ensure transparency and integrity in the provision of services for this cash sponsorship program, I strongly recommend the authorities. The basis of all levels, especially for practitioners in all communes, is to properly focus on this work The most persistent is to avoid confinement, including relatives, relatives, and children who are not poor and vulnerable families. Exactly to receive this allowance.

“I will take hot action and will not be exempt if found in the village and the commune. “Any one of these cases happened.” By: Collaborators