Middle: The Vietnamese military is turning a makeshift tent that it claims to have set up to prevent illegal border crossings during the 1940s. A strong shelter near Kam Sam Krom village, Kam Sam commune, Kandal province, claiming that the construction of this strong shelter was done because the site was flooded. According to the authorities.

According to a letter dated August 26 from Kandal Provincial Police Commissioner Chhoeun Sochet, eight border police forces have been cooperating with On August 25, seven 601st Border Troops, including Kham Samn Post Chief, inspected the old tents of the border guards. Vietnam is the 925th station in Phu Vi village, Kolok commune, Tinh Chau district, An Giang province.

This location is opposite Kam Sam Krom village, Kam Sam commune, Leuk Dek district, Kandal province.

Mr. Chhoeun Sochet confirmed that when he arrived at this location, the authorities met with the Vietnamese side, which is building a new tent, which is a strong shelter to build. From wooden pillars, 3 meters high and 5 by 4 meters in size, with a galvanized roof located away from the border line that Cambodia Current control distance of about 120 meters.

Mr. Sochet's letter continued: "Meanwhile, forces from the three units went back to the director of Post 925 Soeung to demand that the Vietnamese side Stop building new tents above. But the Vietnamese side confirmed that they were following their superiors' orders and their superiors were planning to build new tents as strongholds for four goals. "On top of the 10 existing goals."

On Wednesday, the Leuk Dek district governor and relevant forces inspected the site again and requested the Vietnamese side to stop construction. Urgent. But the Vietnamese side did not agree to stop the construction. This is according to the letter from the Kandal Provincial Commissioner.

A local official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that since the Kovid incident, Vietnam has been camping near the local Cambodian border. Raise 10 positions, but not on the border, in Vietnamese territory more than 100 meters from the border. So far, these 10 locations have not been dismantled.

Vietnam says they are building tall buildings because the site is flooded during the rainy season. So they changed from a tent to a structure with high pillars and tin roofs.

Senior Minister for Border Affairs Var Kimhong told reporters at the Council of Ministers yesterday that he had seen information about the construction of a new shelter. Vietnam, but he has not yet received a report from provincial authorities.

He confirmed that the three rocks is a point that the two sides have not agreed.

"We have not yet agreed, we have left and asked the French side, the two prime ministers have asked the French president to help the area," he said. The remaining 16 percent to teach him to copy from 1 in 100,000 carbon maps to 1 in 50,000. "This proposal has not yet come to fruition because we do not agree on a technical procedure."

Kandal Provincial Governor Kong Sophorn and Foreign Ministry Spokesman Koy Kuong Cannot Clarify Cambodia's Position on Turning Tents The construction of this new stronghold of Vietnam. However, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has once sent a diplomatic note to Vietnam regarding tents on the border.

Mr. Kong Sophorn told Radio France International that Cambodia could not go down and force Vietnam to stop construction because construction was underway. On Vietnamese territory.

Sok Touch, president of the Royal Academy, who visited the border yesterday, said that the border from the lead pot to Chrey Thom in Kandal province There are points that have already been demarcated and there are still points of disagreement. But at the border there are all the border posts left over from the French era.

He said that according to the agreement, both sides can build roads near the border. For some difficult points, the road can be built about 10 meters from the border. However, the construction of a building like in Kandal province can not be built.

"If Vietnam does not have a solution, we can take four measures. The first step is to send a note to the second ambassador to call the border affairs commission," he said. Both sides) to confirm whether we have respected the agreement or not? Third, we can rebuild at the same distance, because they do not respect us, we may not respect. Fourth, we can use force to attack, but beating it violates the sovereignty of another country because they do it in another country. But we can also do it on our own land, which makes us disrespect each other. "But who was the first to violate the treaty is Vietnam."