Phnom Penh: Cambodia ambassador to Vietnam has reported to the MinistryForeign Ministry: Vietnam has decided to temporarily suspend all foreigners entering Vietnam for 30 days from 09 March 18, 2020 Go.

“I am very sorry for Vietnam for blocking the border with Cambodia,” said William, the chairman of the Khmer People's Party on March 18. Unilaterally, I consider this to be inappropriate and lacking in diplomatic ethics. ”

He added that Cambodia should not close the border with Vietnam because of a misnomer by the Vietnamese press that blacklisted Cambodia, especially the growth Of the 19 confirmed cases, Vietnam more than doubled Cambodia. If unblocked, do not expect to reopen unilaterally.

Especially consider Vietnamese immigrants in Cambodia.

According to the Cambodian ambassador to Vietnam, the Vietnamese government has issued a decision on foreign entry controls. On the night of March 17, 2020, the Vietnamese Government issued a decision to suspend all non-resident visas for 30 days. Effective 00:00 from 18 March 2020. All travelers to Vietnam will receive medical checks and other preventive measures or quarantine in accordance with Vietnamese regulations : Kolab