HANOI, July 31 (Xinhua) – Vietnam's Ministry of Health on Friday reported 45 new cases linked to the virus. The new Kovid-19 community in Da Nang is in the middle of the country, the highest number ever. .

The 45 newcomers, aged between 27 and 87, were relatives in Guangdong province. Of patients visiting or caring for patients at 4 hospitals and 1 hotel in Da Nang. A new wave of Kovid-19 infections since Saturday has reached its peak, health officials said in a statement. Up to 93 cases.

Vietnam launches large-scale Kovid-19 test in six cities and provinces, especially in Hanoi And urged thousands of domestic passengers to report to authorities immediately as Vietnam announces strict closure Da Nang and passenger flights were suspended for 15 days.

Text messages were sent to all 95 million Vietnamese mobile phones nationwide, urging people to Entertainment in Da Nang in July to test Covid-19 as the new wave of the virus spreads Up to six Vietnamese cities and provinces in just six days.

Hanoi authorities have begun testing 21,063 people who had just returned from Da Nang on holiday for Domestic travelers since restrictions.

As of this morning, July 31, 2020, Vietnam had a total of 509 cases of Kovid-19 with no deaths. .