Ho Chi Minh: July 6, 2020 – New Age Airlines Vietjet named winner of '50 Best Companies to Work in Asia' for two years This is because of the strong investment in staff and its commitment to promoting well-being and engagement. From an employer that ensures more success for the company.

The award was announced at the HR Asia Awards 2020 organized by HR Asia Magazine Climb in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The event honors many leading companies and enterprises for providing the best working environment throughout Asia, such as Korea. Coca Cola, Shinhan Bank, Techcombank, etc.

Luu Duc Khanh Managing Director Luu Duc Khanh said: “We are delighted to receive this award. Vietjet is always proud of our talented, experienced, professional and dedicated human resource leaders. Good HR principles, equal opportunities and unlimited job opportunities for all employees. They are the key to the success of Vietjet today and the firm foundation and sustainable development of the company. In the future. I would like to thank the Vietjet staff of over 6,000 and appreciate all the solidarity and hard work and cooperation of our partners. All Vietjet's businesses around the world.

In recent years, Vietjet has won numerous international honors, including the "Asia Best Employers Company 2019" Asia's 'Leading Brand' among Top 500 Brands and 50 Best Airlines in the World Financed and executed, recognized by the AirFinance Journal.

In terms of training and recruitment, Vietjet has always focused on building strong human resources and investing in the key players in the company. In all corporate activities. With the aim of expanding its global network and becoming a global airline in the future, Vietjet strives to create unique development opportunities. Limits for its employees through higher wages and a more comfortable working environment.

In the context of the spread of the rover Kovirov 19, Vietjet is one of the rare airlines that maintains its stability. Labor and took the opportunity to organize training and development programs to enhance the technical skills of its employees during the retention period. Spacing apart.
Vietjet is one of the companies that maintains the best welfare policy for employers under the virus, Kov 19 because of its capabilities. Of governance, strong business results and a strong financial foundation.

The HR Asia Awards is the most prestigious annual award for human resources in Asia. The award honors leading companies and enterprises providing wellness principles, attractive working environments and regular training and development programs.