Phnom Penh: Opportunity to partner with Viettel GroupAnd profit sharing up to 75%. This opportunity gives 3 winners to participate in Cup C1 Start-up in the United States with a prize of 50,000 USD or participate At the annual World Mobile Conference in Barcelona.

Viet Solutions 2020 is looking for innovative financial technology products or solutions that integrate into the social industry. The competition is organized by the Ministry of Information and Communication of Vietnam and Viettel, a private company.

With the philosophical concept of the “+” plus sign, as seen in the logo, Viet Solutions aims to fully mimic and fully influence the plus sign (+). ) By its very nature, it shows the participation of the community as a whole to find solutions and help solve problems that occur in the country. Nana. Creating a digital society for a better future. In particular, Viettel is a leader in building a “digital society” and provides an environment and nursery that allows products and solutions to develop. .

This contest is open to all candidates, whether groups, organizations or companies from any country. Candidates not only have the opportunity to connect with potential partners, but they can also attend training courses organized by professionals. Fintech financial technology to speak of commitment for business cooperation.

Le Dang Dzung, CEO of Viettel Group, said: “Viettel is committed to partnering with everyone whose products are selected through competition. This. The partnership will be
Promoted by Viettel, which operates in 11 countries with a population of nearly 330 million and a comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure. Viettel also provides support in improving products to international standards. In addition, the winner will be allowed to participate.
The annual World Mobile Conference in Barcelona to learn more about the world's leading technology corporations.

Competing for products and solutions in all areas, including solutions for mobile applications such as game content, music, video, multimedia and OTT products, social media , Solutions in the fields of medicine, education, finance and banking, agriculture, transport and logistics, energy, natural resources and the environment, industrial production, candidates will receive support for growth Key skills such as financial management, marketing and fundraising.

The first place winner will receive a cash prize of over $ 8,500. Second and third place winners will receive more than $ 4,000 and $ 2,000 in cash, respectively. In addition, the winning team can get a chance to sign a deal with Viettel Group with a profit of up to 75%. Viettel pledges 100% of the cost of the three winning teams to participate in the C1 Start-up Cup in the United States, worth a total of $ 50,000 Or attend the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2021 in Barcelona (based on the Covid-19 epidemic situation).