This is the most terrifying alternative time as a psychiatristA character armed with a machete in his hand took a woman who was heard to be like a mother hostage by order To follow his orders by crawling and saluting for fear of losing his head, which is very shocking.

Fortunately, he later learned that the woman had been released. However, this person still smashed the windshield of the car he was riding on the road, which made the car owner very scared and ran away with his head in his hair. He forgot to take the keys with him and got on the bus and left, only to be hit by a car. Roads.

The most shocking incident happened around a shop near Build Bright School in Vihear Chen village, Svay Dangkum commune, Siem Reap city in the morning July 18, 2020. This is according to the posting from Lyhuong Mombunhak's Facebook account.

In connection with the above incident, according to the Facebook account of Bor Reaksa, he did not confirm that "Please "Know the above suspect, he has a mental problem, now the police are operating hotly to catch the suspect." By: Lim Hong