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Following the sharing of Kim Kardashian, the US famous star on Twitter, On March 12, many turned their attention to the book “The End of the World”. Prophecy and prophecy of the end of the world, written by a fortune teller Sylvia Browne was published in 2008.

According to the above book, by 2020 there will be a serious lung disease that will be spread around The world attacks the lungs and bronchitis as well as being able to withstand all existing treatments. Even more shocking is the fact that the disease is gone as soon as it arrives Then it will happen again ten years later before being completely destroyed.

According to Vice News, Brown writes that the world has a lot of illnesses like politicians do The good news and the latest news every day are non-stop.

Ms. Brown passed away in 2013 with a million dollars in California. She has authored more than 40 books and regularly hosts television and radio to share her energy. When she published the book, she now charges around $ 750 for a 20-30 minute forecast. That.

Even though her prophecy of COPD 19 is coming true, her prophecies are true She is very vague and it would only be surprising if it really happened.

Her other prophecies, such as the flu, will be completely eliminated in 2010 and blind and deaf. It won't be until 2020. In addition, she predicts that scientists will also find a cure for cancer. (According to sources from vice )