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Siem Reap: People who buy noodles and cucumbers from gourmet in Kulen Mountain and in the resort Angkor has been poor in terms of sales over the years as some are afraid of the Kovid.

Mrs. Phally, who lives in Angkor Thom, recounts that she had bought some fruit from the Kulen mountain people as they walked. In the jungle, for sale 1 kg 1 kg for me to sell at Siem Reap New Market Initially, 1 kg was priced at 23,000 riel and one cluster sold for 12,000 riel Cholesterol has exploded into Cambodia suddenly falling sales peaked within 1 kilometer ra graph 1 8,000 riels and munitions worth $ 5,000.

Ms. Phirum, who lives in Prasat Bakong district, said she had bought the cauliflower and cauliflower from the new supermarket for sale. Along National Road 6, because it is close to home, it is easy to feed the husband from the farm and take care of the children. She said she bought the first batch of noodles in one batch for 3,500 riel or 4,000 riel, good or enough, and resold in 8,000 cloves for 8,000. Riel up to 10,000 riel depending on whether you are low-income or low-income, just raising children and buying food. For the eggplant, buy 4 kg per kilo for 4,500 riel.

Oum Srey, who lives in front of Angkor Wat in Trapaing Ses Village, Sangkat Kork Chak, Siem Reap, recounts that she had bought from our brothers in Angkor that they He wanders in the forest of Angkor Park for sale in a bunch for 3,000 riel to me for sale in 1 The cluster costs 12,000 riels. Also, noodles and eggplant are available in the months of February to April.